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courtroom flooring


Raised Access Flooring for Courtrooms

courtroom flooring


FreeAxez Achieves Ease of Use, Flexibility,

and Clutter-Free Organization

Attorneys and their clients sit at tables in the open floor area between the public, the jury box and the judge’s bench. Many wires are needed to run within this limited area to enable microphones, projection equipment, attorney’s laptop computers, etc. This space must remain clutter free without power poles and exposed wires.

FreeAxez delivers perfectly for this environment, providing organized wire pathways under the floor, eliminating the clutter of power poles and avoiding the hazard of exposed wires running from the wall!


courtroom flooringFreeAxez is Ideal for Renovations and Historic Court Houses

As a result of its unique design, the gravity-held FreeAxez floors can lay on top of existing terrazzo, marble or wood floors without any destruction to the floor.


FreeAxez offers modular ramp components that meet ADA slope requirements with many configuration options. FreeAxez ramping consumes far less valuable space than taller traditional raised access floors and valuable real estate needed for each courtroom.


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