FreeAxez Low Profile Access Floor
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commercial office flooring


commercial office flooringRaised Access Flooring for Commercial Offices


Saves Time and Money

Floor plans, personnel, equipment, furniture and cabling are undergoing constant changes in the modern office environment.  FreeAxez provides advantages in flexibility, aesthetics, ease of access, organization, sound quality and sustainability. FreeAxez will save bottom line dollars and pay for itself time and again as your space needs change and grow.


High Cable Capacity

FreeAxez high capacity channel raceways keep all wiring organized and traceable. FreeAxez saves operating costs and eliminates the need to run power, voice and data cable through the ceilings and down power poles. It makes it unnecessary to acquire integrated wire management from the systems furniture manufacturer.


Quick and Easy Changes

FreeAxez makes changes simple, without tools! Simply remove the floor tile and lift the channel plates by hand. New wires are installed in seconds instead of hours!


Great Acoustics

FreeAxez is also acoustically designed to be solid and virtually silent. No one in the office will know they are walking on top of a raised floor!


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