FreeAxez Low Profile Access Floor
k-12 schools flooring


school flooringRaised Access Flooring for Universities, K-12 Schools & Libraries


FreeAxez Brings Technology to the Learning Environment

FreeAxez enables clear, unobstructed views of the instructor and screen. It eliminates exposed wires, power poles and wall strips in the classrooms and computer lab. FreeAxez is the optimal wiring solution to service laptop computers, monitors, projectors and displays.


Bring power, voice, data and AV to the student, while avoiding the clutter of poles and the tripping hazard cables plugged into the wall!


FreeAxez is Quiet and User-Friendly

FreeAxez has been acoustically engineered to be solid and virtually silent. You will not know you are walking on top of a raised floor!


FreeAxez Provides Efficient Fit-Out for Renovation and New Construction

In K-12 renovations, the quick-connect FreeAxez system goes together with ease. Open areas are installed at 1000 SF per day per installer, and adjustable border components fill the gaps quickly without custom work or metal-cutting. ADA-compliant ramp components are only 16” long, taking up far less valuable space than taller raised floors.

In new construction projects, the slab is suppressed to accommodate the floor - no ramps required and great flexibility from day one!


library flooringFreeAxez Brings Technology to the Library

Improved wire management is now offered for the modern library. A myriad of computers, workstations and terminals require power and data connectivity. Circulation desks, research stations and virtually every seating/desk area need a power and data ports handy to feed the growing demand for modern technology. FreeAxez delivers perfectly for this environment.

With FreeAxez, make changes in seconds, without tools! Simply remove the floor tile, and lift the channel plates by hand. New wires are installed in seconds instead of hours. 


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