FreeAxez Low Profile Access Floor
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conference and training room raised floor


A Raised Access Floor for Conference & Training Rooms


Flexible for Routine Layout Changes

In corporate multi-use training rooms and conference rooms, layouts are changed daily. Tables, desks and chairs are on wheels for flexibility. One day you’ll need a boardroom style, the next day a theatre, the next a horseshoe, etc. The FreeAxez floor system enables rapid layout changes, eliminating exposed cables from the wall!



High Capacity Organized Raceways 

Floor plans, personnel, equipment, furniture and cabling are undergoing constant changes in the modern learning environment. The FreeAxez high capacity channel raceways keep all wiring organized and traceable. FreeAxez saves costs, and eliminates exposed wires and cables, core-drilling, trench-cutting, poke-throughs, power poles, and wall and ceiling wires.


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