Cable Management

A NASCAR Pit Crew epitomizes efficiency and flexibility and SPEED. In seconds trained professionals can modify their vehicle to suit the needs of both the track and driver. At FreeAxez we hosted our own simulation of a NASCAR pit crew. But instead of having a trained NASCAR team working on high-octane vehicles, we had volunteers attending NeoCon 2016 give a go at relocating a Gridd floorbox. The Participants were our celebrity contestants who would never perform maintenance or construction inRead more »

In basketball higher is better. But not so when it comes to raised floors. Sure. The idea behind access floors is to create space for technology cabling to run underneath. And you want something flexible that easily adapts to your changing technology needs. But what’s the best height for your raised floor to accommodate the infrastructure for advanced technology? And the answer is—probably less than you think. Here are some things to consider when selecting the best access floor forRead more »

How do major institutions such as Fortune 500 companies, government offices including the CIA and FBI, universities, banks, and airports safely manage thousands of cables that connect their computers, phones, and other technology? More and more, the answer lies in cable management systems. Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Google, MIT, and The White House have all embraced the Adaptive Cabling Distribution™ (ACD™) approach created by FreeAxez. This innovative method prescribes cabling be installed and distributed directly under the floorRead more »

Photo Credit: WeWork/Lauren Kallen. Co-working spaces, a shared office where multiple businesses and employees work side-by-side, are growing in popularity across the country. With benefits including lower rental costs than a traditional office, the concept is ideal for startups and small businesses seeking a brick-and-mortar space to call “headquarters,” and freelancers looking to ditch the coffeehouse. Big co-working names like Assemble and WeWork are sprouting offices across the nation that are havens of productivity, collaboration and social opportunities. More andRead more »

There’s a reason companies like Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson and Lockheed Martin have installed Gridd™ in their offices. Designed to support the cable management needs of high performance buildings, Gridd helps optimize energy efficiency, durability, life-cycle performance and occupant productivity. It goes beyond the traditional idea of the “raised access floor”—it’s a system that offers buildings the flexibility to swiftly adapt to new space reconfigurations and evolving technology. Gridd, an adaptive cabling distribution system, is installed directly underRead more »

Gridd low-profile access floor being installed at San Francisco (SFO) International Airport TSA Area Whole Building Design is a new way of thinking about how we design and construct buildings. The idea is to think about the building as a fully functioning system rather than the sum of various components.  Gridd™’s adaptive cable distribution system is a good example of how one product—in this case Gridd—can impact the design/build process at every stage. 1—Gridd allows architects and designers to planRead more »

‘Churn’ refers to the everyday moves, additions and changes that facilities experience on a regular basis. Active spaces like offices, classrooms, courtrooms and operations centers are constantly going through turnovers, reconfigurations and upgrades. Churn is a fact of life. And although you can’t predict precisely what changes will be in the future, you can be sure there will be changes. The key is to build in adaptability rather than obsolescence. One of the most costly components of churn has beenRead more »

While raised flooring is where most designers have turned in the past to meet intelligent building needs, they now recognize raised floors were not made for cable management. FreeAxez’s Gridd™ system is designed exactly for this purpose, delivers ADAPTIVE CABLE DISTRIBUTION and exceeds the demands placed on buildings by technology. With Gridd you get complete flexibility. Cables flow within the entire building footprint and when specified at the start of a project, Gridd offers benefits throughout the integrated design process andRead more »

  When your facility’s technology is outdated and it’s time to remodel you’ll be faced with myriad decisions but one thing is certain—you want to get it right. The key to getting your technology update right is making it flexible.  And the key to optimal flexibility lays right under your feet in a low profile access floor solution called Gridd™.   Back in the dark ages, cables were restricted to walls, trenches in floors, ceilings or columns-all costly and time-consuming elements toRead more »