LEEDv4 is here and one goal of the new standards is greater transparency and more detailed reporting in the Materials and Resources (MR) category. According to the USGBC Web site, MR credits “encourage using sustainable building materials and reducing waste.”  Choosing to use a Gridd system for adaptive cabling distribution is a good way to earn MR credits on a number of fronts: – The Gridd low profile access floor system is 100% recyclable and reusable.  Unlike traditional raised access flooring,Read more »

  In today’s hyper-competitive world of higher education, technology rules!  Colleges and universities are re-thinking the traditional classroom. New classrooms are designed to be open and collaborative, much like the trend in office space.  Many are built as a studio classrooms, not like lecture halls with rows of chairs. Acronyms you might hear in a planning session? TEAL and SCALE-UP.   TEAL—Technology Enabled Active Learning—was the brainchild of a professor at MIT who was disappointed with his students’ progress in first-year physics.Read more »

While raised flooring is where most designers have turned in the past to meet intelligent building needs, they now recognize raised floors were not made for cable management. FreeAxez’s Gridd™ system is designed exactly for this purpose, delivers ADAPTIVE CABLE DISTRIBUTION and exceeds the demands placed on buildings by technology. With Gridd you get complete flexibility. Cables flow within the entire building footprint and when specified at the start of a project, Gridd offers benefits throughout the integrated design process andRead more »

Tech companies do it. Advertising agencies do it. Even investment companies and pharmaceuticals do it. More and more companies are choosing an open space concept for their corporate environments. FreeAxez is watching this trend firsthand because we’re making open plan offices possible with our adaptive cabling distribution system – Gridd™ – the low profile access floor solution to integrating great design with technology demands.   But why are so many corporations choosing to give up walls and privacy? The answer isRead more »

  When your facility’s technology is outdated and it’s time to remodel you’ll be faced with myriad decisions but one thing is certain—you want to get it right. The key to getting your technology update right is making it flexible.  And the key to optimal flexibility lays right under your feet in a low profile access floor solution called Gridd™.   Back in the dark ages, cables were restricted to walls, trenches in floors, ceilings or columns-all costly and time-consuming elements toRead more »

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