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FreeAxez - You Make it Great, We Make it Work
low profile access floor steel


All Steel Access Floor System


steelFreeAxez is made of double 16 gauge galvanized steel. This revolutionary design of all steel construction and 34 integral legs creates a system so solid, that you will not know you are walking on a raised floor. The "feel" is solid, not bouncy like the traditional pedestal or post and panel raised access floors.



FreeAxez is lightweight – adding less than 5 pounds per square foot to the live load of the building. 


Modest Leveling Capabilities

With 34 support legs per base unit, FreeAxez adapts to unevenness in the sub-floor surface. The design allows for easy adjustment to accommodate uneven expansion joints or other imperfections in the sub-floor requiring less floor preparation.


steelNo Metallic Noise or Resonance

FreeAxez is ideal for acoustically sensitive applications, such as class “A” offices, broadcast studios, libraries, courtrooms and secure intelligence facilities. Footfall is eliminated by the design. Sound baffling is accomplished through several features:


  • The 34 support legs trap sound transmission
  • A insulator sheet under the top plate of the base unit prevents metallic noise
  • Small holes on top of the units absorb resonance
  • Fire retardant foam undersheet helps to absorb sound and resonance