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FreeAxez Performance Features Overview


FreeAxez is a User Friendly Wire Management System

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) recognized how different FreeAxez is from the traditional post and panel raised access floor by issuing MasterFormat Number 09 69 33 ‘Low-Profile Fixed Height Access Flooring’. The FreeAxez revolutionary design provides the simple solution for wire management when under-floor air distribution is not required. FreeAxez is the 21st Century solution to wiring in the modern building; it is the cost-effective and flexible alternative to core-drilling, trenching, ceiling wiring, power poles and electrified furniture systems.


Traditional raised access floors were invented in the early 60’s to create a sealed air plenum to facilitate the cooling of transistors for computer equipment; hence the term “computer room floor." These types of floors were not invented for wire management but rather cooling. The heavy pound panels and wide open plenum space is neither organized nor user friendly. As technology advanced, wire management needs have increased without the requirement for underfloor air. FreeAxez provides that solution.


Whether you’re an architect, designer, dealer, facilities manager, or end user, you’ll see that the performance features for the FreeAxez low profile access floor system are unmatched in its industry if wire management is your objective. No other flooring system can offer the cost savings, space savings, and convenience that FreeAxez provides.