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FreeAxez - You Make it Great, We Make it Work


quick connect installationEasy to Use, Quick Connect Installation


The FreeAxez modular system installs quickly without the use of glues, screws or fasteners. FreeAxez is held in place by gravity and does not attach to the subfloor or walls. Open areas are installed at a rate of 1,000 square feet per installer per day. Installations are rapid and quiet, minimizing disruptions and saving valuable time in the construction schedule. This translates to additional cost savings!


Flexible for Moves, Adds and Changes

Modifications to the floor plan are a snap! No tools are required. To change wiring, simply lift the modular floor covering and open cable channels by hand in seconds. This allows you to reconfigure space or add new equipment and wiring in a fraction of the time. When it comes time to move an office, the entire system can move too; simply pick it up and take it with you!


FreeAxez is NOT a Capital Improvement

Since FreeAxez does not attach to the building it is allowed to be depreciated as equipment. This is a significant factor when analyzing cost of ownership.