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low profile access floor wire management


High Capacity Underfloor Wire Management and Cable Management


Don’t be fooled by our ultra-low profile. FreeAxez provides high capacity in a low profile access floor because it does not have a 1.25" – 1.5" panel of dead space. The innovative design of FreeAxez provides a greater capacity than its industry lowest profile suggests.  Low profile does not mean low cable capacity! The unique FreeAxez design offers the best of both worlds!


  • FreeAxez 40 (1.6”) can accommodate more than 50 CAT 5 cables per channel at 40% capacity

  • FreeAxez 70 (2.75”) can accommodate more than 80 CAT 5 cables per channel at 40% capacity


FreeAxez forms a grid of wire channels only 15” apart, providing an organized wire management flooring system without the clutter often experienced in traditional post and panel raised access floors.


Additional cable space is available in the 2” wide raceways under each base unit.