FreeAxez Company Profile

For more than 25 years, FreeAxez has led the industry in developing new systems that accommodate changing technology and adapt to future changes quickly. FreeAxez is widely accepted as the premium developer, innovator and manufacturer of adaptive cabling distribution systems.

We have a proven system of products, and are continuously expanding and refining our range to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s integrated high-performance buildings. Our ‘can do’ approach to demanding projects and our commitment to stay ahead of industry’s evolving needs is what our clients depend on.


Commitment  to deliver value to our customers:

  • We are the leading innovator in our field because we are committed to solving problems for today and for tomorrow by considering the Whole Building Solution in our product design process
  • As leaders we continually look forward: innovating, creating and delivering
  • We are trusted advisors, not simply a vendor, and we have refined our best practices in customer and product support
  • We treat all building collaborators including Architects, Designers, Builders, Users and Owners as Partners – we are part of the integrated team and we care about the building’s final outcomes
  • We are a global enterprise headquartered in the USA and our products are 100% made in the USA
  • We have an absolute, and uncompromising commitment to Quality
  • We treat all FreeAxez Team Members like family – we don’t accept status quo, we are demanding and we care deeply about their long term success
  • We are passionate about what we do – our customers know it and they know it drives us to deliver on our promises


The FreeAxez Advantage



FreeAxez understands that while technology expands our power, voice and data capabilities at ever-increasing rates often the limits of building infrastructure constrain our ability to handle these growing technology demands.

FreeAxez offers an innovative building system that is engineered precisely for accommodating changes to building infrastructure that integrates technology seamlessly. FreeAxez has lead the evolution from using outdated and outmoded raised access flooring to an adaptive cable distribution system. This system improves the way in which buildings are built and renovated to accommodate power and data cable distribution.


FreeAxez recognizes the demand for a more effective construction process that results in better, faster, less costly and cleaner construction projects.

FreeAxez supports an Integrated Project Delivery Model by providing the opportunity to integrate technology, knowledge and expertise into the design phase.

Gridd offers a 21st century solution that arms designers, builders and building owners with a system that allow them to make collaborative, value-based decisions in the design phase. Gridd not only solves problems, it enhances project outcomes.

With quick installation, easy adaptations for technology changes and lifetime support, Gridd is in demand across all industries and around the world.


The Industry has embraced the Gridd system and recognized it as a game changer. The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) recognized how different FreeAxez is from the traditional post and panel raised access floor by issuing MasterFormat Number 09 69 33 ‘Low-Profile Fixed Height Access Flooring’.

Gridd continues to lead this category by re-defining how power, voice and data cables are distributed in building. The Gridd and the Gridd Power Systems are the only holistic solution for Adaptive Cable Distribution required in today’s high performance buildings.


FreeAxez is honored to have our Gridd system recognized by the industry’s leading organizations with prestigious awards received for our Innovative Technologies and Workplace solutions