Where is Gridd Used?

Gridd is an access flooring solution that can be used virtually anywhere. For use in new construction or retrofit, Gridd is ideal for the distribution of power, voice, and data cables for a variety of environments. In fact the Gridd Low Profile Access Floor System has been installed worldwide, and has a diverse set of applications including commercial offices, training rooms, conference rooms, universities, laboratories, classrooms, courtrooms, libraries, museums, emergency operations/911, casinos, warehouse conversions, hospitals, medical facilities, and more. What do you have in mind?

Office Example for Raised Flooring Companies

Application Examples for Gridd Access Flooring Solutions

  • Class "A" Office Space

  • Classrooms

  • Training Rooms

  • Conference Rooms

  • Libraries

  • Courtrooms

  • Universities

  • Call Centers

  • 911 / Emergency Operations

  • Surveillance / Security

  • K-12 Schools

  • Computer Labs

  • Control Rooms

  • Museums

  • Financial Buildings

  • Computer / Server Rooms

  • Warehouse Conversions

  • Casinos

  • Retail / Electronics

  • Displays / Exhibits

  • Manufacturing Centers

  • And Many More