Casino Access Flooring

A Winning Strategy for Casino Access Flooring

Flexible, Fast Installation

Historically, casinos have relied on concrete trenches and deck systems for wire management. The Gridd adaptive cabling distribution system provides greater flexibility and organization to manage cabling requirements, making it the best solution for casino access flooring.

The easy-connect Gridd system goes together quickly. Open areas are installed at 1,000 square feet per day, per installer, and adjustable border components fill the gaps quickly, negating the need for custom work or metal-cutting.

And Gridd is flexible for expansion or redesign; you can actually renovate without shutting down your casino operation. Depending on size, you could see same-day results.

Quick and Easy

Gaming equipment and surveillance systems are upgraded continuously. With Gridd, simply remove the flooring tile and lift the channel plate; new cables can be installed in just minutes.

High Capacity

And Gridd can easily handle the cable capacity required by casinos. The Gridd 70 system provides organized channels 5” wide by 2 ½” high–more than enough room to contain the cabling and other conduits needed to support slot machines, gaming tables and security.