Computer Room Flooring

Increased Capacity: Computer Room Access Flooring Solution

Low Profile Access Floor; High Capacity

Don’t be fooled by the ultra-low profile.  As a result of its innovative design, the Gridd system has a greater capacity than its slim profile suggests.  And Gridd provides organized 5”-wide cabling channels every 15 inches to accommodate the large cabling and other conduits required to support the application. The organized channels in our Gridd system promote excellent cable and wire management, making it one of the best computer room access flooring solutions.

Adaptable and Flexible

Modifications to cabling can be made quickly and easily.  No tools are required.  To change cabling, simply lift the modular channel plate and open by hand in seconds. You can reconfigure space or add new equipment, cabling and wiring to your computer room or data center in a fraction of the time.