Museums Access Floor

A Minimalistic Solution With Maximum Benefits: Museums Access Floor

Adaptable and Flexible

Many museum facilities routinely undergo reconfigurations. Displays and exhibits are routinely set-up, disassembled or re-configured. The modular Gridd quick-connect steel flooring system provides a flexible platform for housing cables, wires and conduits. Organized channels provide capacity for power, voice, data and audio-visual cabling, as well as fluid, gas and hydraulic lines.

And Gridd is the perfect Museums Access Floor solution since it uses no adhesives or fasteners so spaces can be reconfigured in minutes without tools.

Quick, Organized and Aesthetic

Gridd 70 features organized channels 5” wide by 2½” high every 15 inches– more than enough room to house cabling and other conduits needed to support the application. Gridd ramp components allow seamless transition from the base floor up to the exhibit platform – and Gridd angled slopes work beautifully at the corners. As new exhibits arrive, your exhibit space floor can be easily reconfigured, stored, or moved to another location. Quick-connect features make it a snap to set up, tear down, and re-use.