COMPONENTS OF A FLUID WORKPLACE Facility management is all about change. And the job of a facility manager is to affect it quickly with minimum disruption to the business environment. Business has to get done. People have to work. And the work of a facility manager — adjusting for facility change — has to be accomplished quickly, smoothly and with the least inconvenience as possible. Accommodating company growth and an evolving work culture are two of the most pressing changesRead more »

A NASCAR Pit Crew epitomizes efficiency and flexibility and SPEED. In seconds trained professionals can modify their vehicle to suit the needs of both the track and driver. At FreeAxez we hosted our own simulation of a NASCAR pit crew. But instead of having a trained NASCAR team working on high-octane vehicles, we had volunteers attending NeoCon 2016 give a go at relocating a Gridd floorbox. The Participants were our celebrity contestants who would never perform maintenance or construction inRead more »

In basketball higher is better. But not so when it comes to raised floors. Sure. The idea behind access floors is to create space for technology cabling to run underneath. And you want something flexible that easily adapts to your changing technology needs. But what’s the best height for your raised floor to accommodate the infrastructure for advanced technology? And the answer is—probably less than you think. Here are some things to consider when selecting the best access floor forRead more »

When it comes to advancing technology and the need to adjust quickly as it changes, more and more companies think in terms of the entire building footprint. And they’re thinking ahead. Why? Because every business, organization and institution today is driven by technology. And as the technology advances, the infrastructure that supports it must adapt too for systems to remain online. Without the infrastructure, there’s no advanced technology and therefore, not much business activity. In other words… everything grinds toRead more »

How do major institutions such as Fortune 500 companies, government offices including the CIA and FBI, universities, banks, and airports safely manage thousands of cables that connect their computers, phones, and other technology? More and more, the answer lies in cable management systems. Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Google, MIT, and The White House have all embraced the Adaptive Cabling Distribution® (ACD®) approach created by FreeAxez. This innovative method prescribes cabling be installed and distributed directly under the floorRead more »

Photo Credit: WeWork/Lauren Kallen. Co-working spaces, a shared office where multiple businesses and employees work side-by-side, are growing in popularity across the country. With benefits including lower rental costs than a traditional office, the concept is ideal for startups and small businesses seeking a brick-and-mortar space to call “headquarters,” and freelancers looking to ditch the coffeehouse. Big co-working names like Assemble and WeWork are sprouting offices across the nation that are havens of productivity, collaboration and social opportunities. More andRead more »

There’s a reason companies like Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson and Lockheed Martin have installed Gridd® in their offices. Designed to support the cable management needs of high performance buildings, Gridd helps optimize energy efficiency, durability, life-cycle performance and occupant productivity. It goes beyond the traditional idea of the “raised access floor”—it’s a system that offers buildings the flexibility to swiftly adapt to new space reconfigurations and evolving technology. Gridd, an adaptive cabling distribution system, is installed directly underRead more »

Without question the Americans with Disabilities Act has been successful in removing barriers and making spaces more accessible. But for architects and builders, it’s often challenging to combine accessibility, functionality and aesthetics. Our Gridd® low profile access floor can help with that. Gridd offers imperceptible transitions that do not consume valuable space! Gridd’s standard ramps have 1:12 slopes, Gridd40 ramps are a mere 19” in length, without the need for handrails. We also offer more gradual 1:20 ramps which provideRead more »

You can be fairly certain that as soon as your new space is up and running, a staffing change or technology upgrade is just around the corner. Then you’re confronted with adapting to the change with as little disruption and loss in productivity as possible. But one decision, early in the design process, can make change tolerable, affordable and less impactful to productivity. That decision is Gridd® the industry’s premier low-profile access floor. We refer to the Gridd system asRead more »

Gridd low-profile access floor being installed at San Francisco (SFO) International Airport TSA Area Whole Building Design is a new way of thinking about how we design and construct buildings. The idea is to think about the building as a fully functioning system rather than the sum of various components.  Gridd®’s adaptive cable distribution system is a good example of how one product—in this case Gridd—can impact the design/build process at every stage. 1—Gridd allows architects and designers to planRead more »

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