Conference/Training Rooms

Modern conference rooms rely on technology. And business meetings include a collection of phone lines, cell phone chargers, projector cables and laptop power cords that create clutter and tripping hazards.

A Gridd adaptive cabling distribution system offers an organized solution. It provides pathways under the floor and floor boxes for power/voice/data connections in an aesthetically pleasing space. It eliminates cutting trenches into concrete flooring. And cabling changes are easy to make when re-arranging floorplans.



In corporate multi-use training rooms and conference rooms, layouts are changed daily. With Gridd, you can create the space that works for you. Whether you need a conference room or a theatre layout, the Gridd system enables rapid layout changes and eliminates exposed cables from wall outlets.

High Capacity Organized channels

Floor plans, personnel, equipment, furniture and cabling are undergoing constant changes in the modern learning environment. Gridd’s high capacity channels keep all wiring organized and traceable. Gridd saves costs, and eliminates exposed wires and cables, core-drilling, trench-cutting, poke-throughs, power poles, and wall and ceiling wires.