Facility Managers

Move twelve workstations overnight?

No Problem.

Gridd is a low-profile, cable management flooring system that provides maximum flexibility for data and power cabling installation, access and movement.  It lets you handle change requests quickly and easily.   

Facilities requests are often demanded overnight or over a weekend.  Whether it’s adding new employees, repurposing a room, or setting up a whole new room with fully integrated data and electrical. It’s often an immediate need with little time to make adjustments.

But when your space is outfitted with Gridd, these demands are simple requests.

Gridd’s underfoot modular system is easily accessed by simply removing floor tiles and lifting up access panels. Since the entire system is assembled by hand—without the use of tools, fasteners or adhesives—even major changes are quick and simple.

You can relocate data, power and other cabling in minutes rather than hours or days.

Adaptable & Flexible

Gridd is an innovative building system that is engineered precisely for accommodating changes to your building’s floorplan.


The carpet or floor tile over Gridd is attractive and natural looking. But it is easily removed for convenient access to cabling below.

After lifting the access panel and moving cabling by hand, floor tiles go back in place and the attractive appearance looks like nothing has changed.


Gridd and Gridd Power are 100% made in the USA, recyclable and refundable. Gridd contributes to 5 LEED Credit Categories and is Green Spec listed. It’s the most environmentally conscious solution available.

Functional & Operational

Gridd is a UL-listed system made of all steel that is assembled by hand without fasteners, tools or adhesives. It provides a fully accessible floor that lets you manage cabling without altering the building’s structure during new building installation or building renovation.

Safe & Secure

Gridd improves building safety and indoor air quality by eliminating the traditional risks associated with above ceiling cable and power distribution.

Cost Effective

Gridd saves you costs in time and labor. It installs by hand, without the use of tools or fasteners, so changes are easy to make. You simply remove tiles, lift the plates to access power and data cables, re-configure as needed and return plates and tiles.

And since Gridd is not fastened to the building structure, you can pick it up and move it with you to another space.