FreeAxez Unveils New Gridd® and Gridd Power® Systems at NeoCon 2015

Revolutionary cable management system solves longstanding sustainability challenges

Delran, NJ (May 21, 2015) FreeAxez, the leading provider of adaptive cabling distribution systems, has announced the launch of their latest versions of Gridd® and Gridd® Power at NeoCon 2015. The systems provide easy underfloor access to a facility’s cables and wiring, providing high performance and versatility for today’s modern commercial and high-technology environments. This product launch signifies the next generation of cable management systems.

Gridd® is a UL-listed, modular, all-steel, adaptive cabling distribution system that safely distributes cables throughout a building directly beneath the finished floor. Gridd® Power is a 50 amp electrical bus track system that allows devices and furniture to easily connect to electricity in the Gridd® system.

“Whole building cabling distribution systems are the future of commercial and high tech environments,” said Earl Geertgens, CEO of FreeAxez.  “Gridd® is a catalyst for adaptive and collaborative space as it allows for commercial layouts to be reconfigured easily, quickly, and at a significant cost savings to traditional raised flooring systems and other wiring methods.”

Gridd® is a safer and more flexible solution, negating the need to access wiring in awkward or inaccessible spaces. As the category leader for 15 years, FreeAxez has created a revolutionary design that solves long-standing sustainable challenges attributed to traditional methods of cable distribution in buildings by facilitating adaptive reuse and enhancing building resiliency, material reduction, indoor air quality, fire safety and the overall health, safety, and welfare of building occupants.

Gridd® significantly reduces the time, hassle and costs associated with traditional wiring methods. Installation takes less than half the time of a post and panel raised floor, leading to significant savings in labor costs. The Gridd® system can be repositioned, redeployed, reused or recycled in its original state, in any building. FreeAxez offers clients hands on support throughout every phase of the project, including lifetime support of every building that its Gridd system is employed.

Gridd® is 100 percent made in the USA with locally harvested raw material and US manufactured steel. The product is Greenspec® listed and can contribute to LEED credits in five categories, including building reuse, construction waste management, materials reuse, recycled content and regional materials.

15 years ago, the FreeAxez system launched in North America. Since then, it has received numerous excellence awards. “Best of NeoCon” Gold Award in Workplace Technologies in both 2006 and 2014 and recently “Best of Show” at InfoComm 2014 to name a few.

The Gridd® system can be found in diverse locations that range in size from intimate sound studios to state of the art office buildings, hospitals and casinos.


About FreeAxez

FreeAxez is the leading provider of whole building adaptive cabling distribution systems. Founded in 2001 and made in the U.S., the award winning cable management company provides performance and design versatility for a variety of commercial and high tech environments, including many of the world’s top corporations, organizations, universities, casinos and government facilities. For more information, visit