A fast and flexible power distribution system.

Modular Power Bus System

Gridd Power replaces obsolete power cabling with an integrated modular power system that fits neatly underneath within its well-designed channels. The 50 amp electrical bus track system makes it quick and easy to connect devices and appliances that need power to the Gridd system.

Gridd Power Features


Gridd Power allows to instantly create your power distribution system


Gridd Power eliminates traditional methods of hard wiring equipment. And its pre-configured components let you instantly create your power distribution system. 


Gridd Power allows energy efficient raised access floor

Energy Efficient

The Gridd Power’s innovative bus bar technology is more efficient than traditional copper wire. Bus bar technology experiences less voltage drop, which saves by reducing energy consumption. 


Gridd Power allows flexible power delivery


Installations, additions, moves and changes are quickly accomplished with the FreeAxez Power Whips (tap offs) that deliver power to individual devices anywhere along the track and are easily re-located with a 10 second connection. 


Gridd Power provides up to 15 Kilowatts of power


The Gridd Power’s three-phase advantage delivers 50 Amp, 3-Phase, 208 Volt and provides up to 15 Kilowatts of power in one easy-to-install track.


Gridd Power provides a monitoring system on current loads


New current monitoring system gives real time data on current loads.


Gridd Power is convenient for any particular application


Quickly install the power track, feed unit and tap offs to create your complete power distribution system. A simplified part system makes installation and retrofits quick and easy. And convenient 4-foot and 8-foot snap-together tracks will configure to any size power distribution system to meet your particular application.


Gridd power is a functional access flooring system


Combines the equipment and isolated ground in one integrated system. 


Gridd Power's Green system is completely reusable and moveable


The Gridd Power uses around 30% less copper than traditional wiring methods and is completely reusable and moveable. 


Application Examples



It’s official—Gridd Power is a winner!

FreeAxez is honored to have our Gridd Power system recognized by some of the industry’s leading organizations with the following awards.



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