a safe solution for the healthcare environment

Medical facilities rely on visual display and patient monitoring with cameras, x-ray, viewers and monitors that are continually upgraded. A Gridd adaptive cabling distribution system provides a wiring infrastructure that is flexible to the constantly changing technology in hospitals and medical facilities.

It eliminates power poles, the hazards of exposed wiring and creates a safe patient care environment. In addition, changes are quick and easy to make without the use of tools.


Adaptable and Flexible

With Gridd, you eliminate the clutter of cabling and power poles and make the most of your space. Gridd’s underfloor system can be covered with carpet tiles, vinyl, rubber or hardwood.

Gridd allows you to adjust to changes in technology–in computing, research, patient care, monitoring, equipment and systems—with minimum disruption.

Quick and Cost Effective

With the Gridd cable distribution infrastructure you simply pop up a channel plate to make a change; there are no tools required. Gridd’s low-profile system brings flexibility, safety and cost-effectiveness to many areas of modern healthcare environment.