FreeAxez is here to assist with any questions and to provide technical support. Please review our support process below to gain insight into how we operate as a business from the first phone call to maintenance after installation.

Step 1: Design Criteria

FreeAxez support process design criteria

Your time is valuable, and each project is unique.  To ensure that we address your questions most efficiently, we offer a guide to the basic information that our Specifications Support representatives will request to assist you in meeting your project goals:

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  • Where is your project located?
  • Is your project new construction or a renovation?
  • What is your project timetable?
  • What is the intended use of the space? For example – office, library, call center, trading floor etc.
  • What is the approximate size of the area in which you are considering to install the Gridd system
  • Is Gridd and/or Gridd Power specified?
  • Can you provide a drawing so that we may advise on layout options and accessories?
  • Is your project at the bidding stage? If so, when are the bids due?
  • Have you given consideration on how this is going to get procured? Just like furniture, Gridd and GriddPower do not attach and can be depreciated as equipment. This has very positive cost-of-ownership ramifications.

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Step 2: Specifications & Technical Support

FreeAxez support process technical support


Based on your project parameters, our Specifications Support representatives can provide the technical support you need to make informed decisions about Gridd for your project.


Product and Performance Data

Let us know what you need and we can get all the information you need in your hands, in front of your client, or mocked-up on your site. Click on any of the links below to request support

For more information on Product and Performance Data click below:

Gridd®Gridd Power®

Integrated Team Support and Education

FreeAxez’ Technical Team is available to assist designers, builders and building owners to make collaborative, value-based decisions about the Gridd System.

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Step 3: Estimating, Budgeting & Cost Proposals

FreeAxez support process budget cost


Our Specifications Support representatives are available to provide Cost Estimates at any stage of the Design – from Conceptual Design through Schematics to Construction Documentation and Bidding – we can help you determine how Gridd can deliver value to your project.



Designers and Pre-construction Phase Managers benefit from our knowledgeable staff of engineers and estimators who are available to help with your program budgets.

  • Conceptual Budgets
  • Schematic Budgets
  • Design Development Estimates
  • Construction Phase Estimates



FreeAxez and our dealers are available to provide estimates and bids and at any stage of the project

The Gridd system can save time and costs in several line items of your project, such as shortened construction schedules, savings in electrical and telecom trades, non-plenum rated cabling permitted, furniture savings, etc. Contact us to get support and cost analysis for your specific project.
This is not just our view…one of the world’s largest International construction management firms conducted a value engineering analysis comparing FreeAxez’s Gridd system to traditional post & panel raised access floors, and determined more than half a dozen significant cost reductions to project line items.

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Step 4: Order Fulfillment

FreeAxez support process order fulfillment


Once you have placed your order with FreeAxez, we are here to ensure that your material is on-site, on-time and accurate.

Lead Time:

Gridd and Gridd Power are 100% Made in USA from North American harvested steel. For this reason our lead times for the North American market are the shortest in the industry. We can mobilize quickly to support fast track schedules.


Installation Plan:

Once the order is received, FreeAxez will prepare the installation plan (shop drawing) and submittal package. We have CAD engineers on staff and will provide (at no additional fee) a detailed CAD drawing with the Gridd and/or Gridd Power system represented in your drawing, see the samples below. Our installation plans are recognized by clients as extremely valuable for design, IT and electrical coordination, and furniture placement. They are also provided to the end-user to capture As-Built plans for future moves& changes to cabling infrastructure.



FreeAxez will support project submittal requirements, including samples, catalogues, LEED qualifications, and warranty and maintenance instructions.


Packing & Shipping:

FreeAxez provides material on pallets which are wrapped and clearly labeled. Pallets are 34” x 47” and are designed to fit through a standard 3 foot doorway, making load in easy.

Our order fulfillment group practices ‘over-communication’ – you will be notified when the shipment leaves our dock and provided with updates in transit and delivery.

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Step 5: Installation

FreeAxez support process installation


Scheduling considerations:

Unlike traditional raised access floors, Gridd and/or Gridd Power installs later in the project schedule, after the interior construction is complete and the walls are up and painted. This minimizes construction traffic and debris.

Trade coordination:

After our systems are in, the electricians and low voltage cable installers can complete their scope of work, then floor covering and furniture placement can be scheduled.

Installation time:

The Gridd System installs rapidly – it connects together without glues, screws or fasteners. In open office plans, one installer can install 1000 square feet per day. It doesn’t get any faster!

Project staging:

FreeAxez prepares a staging plan which defines pallet locations within the space to assure the most efficient installation is achieved.


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Step 6: User Support & Maintenance

FreeAxez support process maintenance


FreeAxez offers a Best Practices Program for the users of the facility in which the Gridd System is installed. This is typically scheduled about 60 to 90 days after occupancy of the space to review the features and use of the system and how to simply and safely make changes to your system configuration over time.

Participants include the various departments called upon to perform moves, additions or changes in the future, particularly the men or women who will be performing the hands-on work, as well as their management. This is offered to assure our clients realize the flexibility advantages and ongoing savings that the Gridd system brings to their facility.

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