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Whole Building Design is supported by Gridd.

The Gridd System by FreeAxez supports an Integrated Project Delivery Approach that encompasses the design of whole building systems, construction processes and building outcomes; and maximizes efficiency through all phases of design, construction and occupancy and ensures increased life-cycle value to the Owner. Click on the image below to explore how Gridd, a low-profile access floor system, can enhance your project:




Gridd Enhances Building Outcome

Gridd puts the power of facility adaptation and configuration into the hands of design teams.   Designers love the Gridd System because it eliminates conflicts when integrating cable management with clean, flexible design. The beauty of Gridd is that you can walk into a room where it’s been installed and not see a thing. Underneath your feet is a solid, sound-dampened network of power, data and cabling channeling through an access floor system that is second to none.

Not only is Gridd adaptable, versatile and aesthetic - it is also cost-effective and sustainable making it a smart choice for 21st century facility requirements.

Design teams incorporate the innovative cable management Gridd technology into a Whole Building Design Approach to ensure that all building systems are coordinated to support today’s high performance buildings.


Gridd keeps its clean, Gridd gets it done fast.

The Gridd System has the power to improve the way buildings are built or renovated to accommodate cabling.

Understanding how this positively affects construction means and methods results in shorter construction schedules, better trade coordination, cleaner and quieter sites, improved cost control and budget management. This ensures that project goals, including schedule, life cycle costs, quality and sustainability will be achieved.

The modular Gridd system connects together like an erector set, with no fastener tools or adhesives needed, allowing for quick non-structure altering installation at a rate of a thousand square feet per installer per day.

Gridd supports an Integrated Design Approach by arming construction professionals to offer value engineering and constructability ideas in the preconstruction phase. Because of Gridd’s innovative design and advanced technology, Builders realize cost benefits in many line items of a project budget:   Electrical, Telecommunications, Fire Protection, Building Finishes and General Conditions costs are all positively affected by incorporating Gridd and Gridd Power into a project.

Builders love the Gridd System because of its easy, fast and clean installation and innovative construction technology which saves time, saves money and improves construction quality outcomes.


Gridd – the best facility decision you can make

Building Owners benefit from value-based decision making in the design process and the ability to effectively balance project options to meet their business enterprise goals. By incorporating Gridd’s innovative technologies into your life-cycle cost decisions Gridd delivers the power to design, build, operate and change as efficiently as possible so that decisions are not made solely on a first-cost basis.

The Gridd system is reusable. When your business grows or changes you can simply pick up the floor and take it with you, recovering one hundred percent of your investment. Gridd is UL-listed, 100% Made in USA, all steel, recyclable and refundable. Gridd contributes to 5 LEED Credit Categories and is Green Spec listed, making it the most environmentally conscious solution available.


Gridd keeps it simple. Gridd gets it done.

Technology changes, business changes, people change. The Gridd system is adaptable and reusable. When your business grows or changes you can simply pick up the floor and take it with you, recovering one hundred percent of your investment.

When moving into open office spaces in the past, companies had few choices. Power, voice and data cabling had to be run in fixed concrete locations, behind walls to receptacles, above drop ceilings, or down poles, causing clutter and inflexibility. Reaching multiple cubicles involved hard conduit and expensive plenum cable, and in many cases doubling the wire length, increasing required man hours and spending well over a thousand dollars per individual workstation.

With its easy underfoot access and modular snap-together (and apart!) components, even major changes are a quick game-plan away, allowing you to move data, power and other cabling needs from one spot to another in minutes instead of hours or days.

With Gridd Adaptive Cabling Distribution System, you eliminate extra costs and problems, and can have an office up and running in few days instead of weeks.


Gridd – gives you the power to safely and cost-effectively change

Gridd is an innovative building system that is engineered precisely for accommodating changes to building technology. Gridd provides significant benefits for the retrofit and renovation of existing structures—even historic buildings. Today’s demand for high-tech space requires significant power/voice/data cabling and older buildings are often considered obsolete due to the difficulty in running these cables. Gridd make it easy to upgrade and adapt. It’s free standing components don’t attach to or damage the building at the subfloor or walls.

With little or no disruption of your business, Gridd’s accessibility allows facility professionals to adapt without having to hire a contractor every time technology changes.   When cabling modifications are needed, Gridd’s modular channels and plates pop up easily for minimum disruption. No noise, no dust, no mess. Even if a major re-design or move is in the works, Gridd’s portable components can go with you.

Gridd is the perfect cable management solution for today’s workplace environments and evolving technologies.



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“I am very satisfied with the ease of installation, the ability to reconfigure, run data, phone and power. Without the availability of this product, the project would have required the removal of concrete flooring to install conduit for the phone, data and electrical needs. The product has been in use since July 2008 with no issues noted. At first there was some apprehension about the free floating and maybe the floor creaking but there has not been one complaint. I would definitely consider the FreeAxez floor system on the next project.”

Timothy Van Loo, Facilities Manager, Exelon Corporation