Photo Credit: WeWork/Lauren Kallen. Co-working spaces, a shared office where multiple businesses and employees work side-by-side, are growing in popularity across the country. With benefits including lower rental costs than a traditional office, the concept is ideal for startups and small businesses seeking a brick-and-mortar space to call “headquarters,” and freelancers looking to ditch the coffeehouse. Big co-working names like Assemble and WeWork are sprouting offices across the nation that are havens of productivity, collaboration and social opportunities. More andRead more »

You can be fairly certain that as soon as your new space is up and running, a staffing change or technology upgrade is just around the corner. Then you’re confronted with adapting to the change with as little disruption and loss in productivity as possible. But one decision, early in the design process, can make change tolerable, affordable and less impactful to productivity. That decision is Gridd™ the industry’s premier low-profile access floor. We refer to the Gridd system asRead more »

Tech companies do it. Advertising agencies do it. Even investment companies and pharmaceuticals do it. More and more companies are choosing an open space concept for their corporate environments. FreeAxez is watching this trend firsthand because we’re making open plan offices possible with our adaptive cabling distribution system – Gridd™ – the low profile access floor solution to integrating great design with technology demands.   But why are so many corporations choosing to give up walls and privacy? The answer isRead more »