Create High-Tech Space in a Low-Tech Building

Adaptable and Flexible

Gridd provides significant benefits for the retrofit and renovation of existing structures—even historic buildings. Today’s demand for high-tech space requires significant power/voice/data cabling. Older buildings are often considered obsolete due to the difficulty in running these cables. Gridd makes it easy to upgrade and adapt. It’s free standing components don’t attach to or damage the building at the subfloor or walls.

Quick and Easy Changes

Gridd has superior performance for the fit-out of existing space. The gravity held, quick connect components are rapidly installed without the use of glues, screws or fasteners. Open areas are installed at a rate of 1,000 square foot per installer, per day. Space can be renovated in days rather than weeks.

High Performance in Low Spaces

In low floor-to-ceiling space, the addition of drop ceilings or high floors to run wires often compresses the space to make its reuse impractical. But Gridd 40, which is the slimmest raised access floor on the market (at 1.6” in height), allows for complete cable management with negligible impact to the vertical dimension.  Gridd extends the life cycle of buildings with vertical restrictions.

ADA Compatible

Gridd offers modular ramp components that meet ADA slope requirements with many ramp configuration options.  The low profile design of the Gridd system eliminates the need for costly handrails; ramping consumes far less space than higher traditional raised access floors.

Preserves the Integrity of Historic Structures

As a result of their unique design, gravity-held Gridd floors can lay on top of existing terrazzo, marble or wood floors without any damage to the floor.

Warehouse Conversions Are a Snap

There’s no better solution for large high-bay open space than an access floor to get cables where they’re needed. A drop ceiling isn’t realistic, from a structural or cost perspective. Interior wall construction is expensive, consumes usable space and compromises the aesthetics of an open environment. Gridd provides a flexible cable management platform for power and communications distribution to workstations and conference rooms. Simply put, Gridd provides more with less.

No More Trenching

Floor trenches for wires and cables are static and inflexible to growth and change. It’s expensive, messy and inefficient. Gridd totally eliminates the need for trenching and keeps cabling neat.