Interior Designers

It’s not like a blank canvas, it is one.

The beauty of Gridd is when you enter a room where it’s installed, you see no evidence of an IT infrastructure.

The floor you’re standing on feels like a solid, normal floor. There are no ugly, cable raceway tracks running down or along walls. No power pole obstructions in the middle of the room.

But underneath your feet, sound-dampened and silent, is a network of power, data and other cabling needs with possible access points 20″ in every direction.

It provides great flexibility that’s completely unhindered so you can arrange the floor space how you want—not how it forces you to.

When less is more, Gridd is the most.

Adaptable & Flexible

Gridd is an innovative building system engineered precisely for accommodating changes to building technology.


The Gridd System benefits your building because it eliminates power poles and above ceiling cabling—integration conflicts that hinder clean, flexible design.


Gridd and Gridd Power are 100% made in the USA, recyclable and refundable. Gridd contributes to 5 LEED Credit Categories and is Green Spec listed. It’s the most environmentally conscious solution available.

Functional & Operational

Gridd is UL listed, all-steel and snaps together without fastening tools or adhesives for non-structure altering installation and renovation.

Safe & Secure

Gridd improves building safety and indoor air quality by eliminating the traditional risks associated with above ceiling cable and power distribution.

Cost Effective

The Gridd system positively affects construction means and methods. It reduces installation time and improves cost control & budget management.

The result?

Increased likelihood you achieve your project goals—including schedule, construction costs, life cycle costs, quality and sustainability.