Completion without the compromise.

Gridd is The Architect’s Access Flooring Solution:

Gridd is a low-profile, adaptive cable management system that brings flexibility to any space. It manages all power and data cable neatly under the floor and eliminates the need for wire-hiding columns or huddling workstations near centralized hubs.

It insures you never have to compromise architecture sight lines.

With as little as 2″ added underneath your feet, you’ll maintain your architectural vision without permanently altering any part of the building’s structure.

Adaptable & Flexible

Gridd is an innovative building floor system that is designed and engineered to easily accommodate modifications in floorplan layouts as technology changes and user demand increases. And it does so without compromising architectural integrity.


Your design stays true to your vision because Gridd eliminates conflicts that arise from integrating technology in a space.  Gone are the days of power poles, dropped tiled ceilings and above ceiling cabling.


Gridd and Gridd Power are 100% Made in the USA, recyclable and refundable. Gridd contributes to 5 LEED Credit Categories and is Green Spec listed. It is the most environmentally conscious solution available.

Functional & Operational

Gridd is a UL-listed system made of all steel and is assembled by hand without using fasteners, tools or adhesives. It forms a fully accessible floor to manage power and data cabling throughout without altering the building’s structure during a new installation or renovation.

Safe & Secure

Gridd improves building safety and indoor Air Quality by eliminating the traditional risks associated with above ceiling cable and power distribution.

Cost Effective

The Gridd system has a positive impact on construction means and methods. It reduces installation time and improves cost control and budget management.

The Gridd system positively affects construction means and methods. It reduces installation time and improves cost control & budget management.

The result?

Increased likelihood you achieve your project goals—including schedule, construction costs, life cycle costs, quality and sustainability.