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Gridd: A Low Profile, Raised Access Flooring System

Gridd is an Adaptive Cabling Distribution® Access Floor System that puts the Power to Change® in your hands.

Gridd: A Low Profile Raised Access Flooring Solution

The Gridd Adaptive Cabling Distribution system is available in two heights:

Low Profile Raised Flooring

Unlike traditional raised floors, Gridd’s simple and revolutionary design is an access floor system that easily adapts to the changing growth of your business.

It’s an award-winning, whole building Adaptive Cabling Distribution® access floor system that adapts to future technology with a fluidness traditional raised floor systems don’t offer.

Gridd is a paradigm shift in thinking about access flooring! Ask yourself what building design doesn’t deserve easy, flexible access to power, voice, and data wherever needed and kept out of sight? Gridd is a Whole Building Design approach that integrates cable distribution technology throughout the entire building infrastructure. Gridd enables a building to adapt to inevitable technology changes, remain highly functional and operational, and saves money at every stage of its life cycle.

Gridd’s innovative access floor system distributes cabling neatly and efficiently under the floor coverings of any space. It goes down quickly—up to 1,000 square feet per installer, per day. And it makes cabling modifications quick and efficient with modular channels and plates that pop up easily for minimum disruption. No noise, no dust, no mess.

Even if a major re-design or move is necessary, unlike other raised floors, Gridd’s portable and lightweight components can go with you. It’s the perfect access floor system and cable management solution for integrating evolving technologies into today’s open workplace environments.

Gridd – A Whole Building Solution

Access Flooring Companies

Gridd Access Floor Integrates into Whole Building Design

Traditional post and panel raised floors can tower up to 3 feet in height. But Gridd’s sleek, access floor system is only inches above the floor and requires minimal ramping at entranceways for ADA compliance. In new construction structural slabs can be recessed to accommodate cabling distribution throughout without ever being noticed.

The Gridd Adaptive Cabling Distribution system is available in two heights:

Gridd40 is 1.6” (40 mm) tall – the slimmest floor on the market! It provides 1.35” of usable space.

Gridd70 is 2.75” (70 mm) tall and provides 2.5” of usable space.

Gridd's Features


Gridd, the Adaptive Cabling Distribution® access floor system, offers flexible fit-out that can be used anywhere. Adjustable border components eliminate the need to cut standard units, allowing Gridd to install along curved and angular walls, and provide simple transitions at entranceways. Adjustable support legs on the base unit create a level surface over uneven subfloors.


Gridd and GriddPower are 100% made in the USA, recyclable and refundable. Gridd contributes to 5 LEED Credit Categories and is Building Green Approved, which makes it the most environmentally friendly access floor or raised floor solution available. Gridd is also approved for non-plenum rated cabling.

All Steel Design

The Gridd access floor system is manufactured without plastic supports, particle board panels or small moveable parts like screws and fasteners. Gridd’s all-steel construction boasts 34 support legs under each base unit, and its access floor components are held together by gravity without the use of screws and fasteners. 

Acoustically Sensitive

The Gridd access floor system is ideal for acoustically sensitive applications, like class “A” offices, broadcast studios, libraries, courtrooms and secure intelligence facilities. Sound baffling is accomplished with thoughtfully designed features that eliminate footfall and sound resonance.

Gridd Power Add-On

Gridd Power replaces obsolete power cabling with an integrated modular power system that fits neatly within Gridd70’s well-designed channels. The 50 amp electrical bus track system makes it quick and easy to connect devices and appliances that need power to the Gridd system.

Super Low Profile

The ultra-low profile of the Gridd access floor system is deceptive. But don’t be fooled, Gridd’s innovative design delivers much greater capacity than its low profile suggests. It forms a grid-pattern of cable channels that are only 15” apart, which creates ample space for power cable and wire management and eliminates cable clutter.

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Low Profile Access Floor
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Low Profile Raised Floor
Low Profile Access Flooring
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